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The legal publisher and bookseller Wilson & Lafleur Ltée provides its readers with a customized iPad application that enables them to consult books in a page-to-page viewer, while offering rich navigation tools that are specifically adapted to the content.
Founded in 1909, Wilson & Lafleur is the oldest private legal publishing house in Quebec.


- Specialized contents offering high- editorial and typographical quality
- Fast loading on screen, regardless of the number of pages
- Continuous and fluid zooming that maintains the quality of the image
- References to facilitate access to different sections of the book
- Scroll bar displaying the book folio and page heading
- Hyperlinks and back button to return to previous pages
- Advanced text search with contextual display
- Specialized search by article number (available for certain books containing legislation)
- Bookmarks and browsing through the marked pages
- Text annotations (balloons) with full edition
- Text search in the annotations
- Graphic annotations (highlighter, pencil, eraser and correction fluid)
- Audio and video playback
- View of the library with bookshelves or lists allowing for the classification of purchased books
- Direct access to the online W&L bookstore
- Easy and secure transactions
- Automated content updates and ability to archive book versions
- User preferences